LINK Services

We're all about Respectful and Healthy Relationships.

LINK is a unique service primarily aimed at high conflict parental relationships, family violence and in particularly where children have been impacted by a parent’s behaviour. One of the most damaging experiences for a child is experiencing fear and feeling unsafe from the very person that is meant to protect them and provide a safe environment for positive child development.

Services Provided

LINK staff expertise and skill is around managing risk and ensuring safety, including having strategies in place to mitigate risk and safety planning. LINK also places stringent parameters in place for the safety of the affected parent. LINK is a professional and reliable service that provides;

  • specialist with family violence.
  • extensive experience in working with problematic behaviours.
  • comprehensive court observation reports.
  •  provides safety and risk management approach.
  • focus is on child wellbeing and healthy relationships with all parties involved with LINK services.
  • Zoom visits can also be facilitated.
  • promotes respectful relationships with all parties involved with LINK services.
  • provides one to one coaching for the supervised parent to develop safe child focused relationships where family violence (or continues to be) been a concern.
  • LINK is an outreach service and supervised visits occur at a public place, parents’ home or at an agreed location.

LINK can provide individual intervention to; improve child visitation experience, address concerning behavior and develop respectful relationships. Please note; intervention will be mandatory to reduce risk of harm where risk concerns are identified.

Prior to a visit and being accepted for this service, both parents (or significant other) will be required to attend an intake interview to assess eligibility, safety, and risk issues. During visits, the supervisor will observe throughout and may take notes. A report to the court can be provided on request from the client and this details the interaction that was observed from the visit.